Treat Yourself to a New Garage Door this Festive Season

Double side hinged garage doors
For the man (or woman) who has everything

If you have spend the last few months looking on in disgust at the state of your garage door as you drive up in the car or look out from a window of your home, why not treat yourself to a new one this festive season? It is after all the season to be jolly, and if your current garage door is doing nothing to fill you with joy, now is most certainly the time to make a change.

It isn’t just poor appearance that a dilapidated garage door can subject you to though, as there are other reasons as to why you should invest in a new model.


The main function of a garage door is to enable easy access to your garage, and if this is no longer the case, you are clearly not getting the most effective use out of the available space. It doesn’t matter whether you store your car in it or use it as a dumping ground for all the belongings you can’t fit in the house but don’t want to throw away, your garage needs to be a functional space and if your garage door doesn’t allow for this then you need a new model!


As the main point of access to your garage, a garage door also has a vitally important role to play when it comes to security. A damaged or broken garage door can be a tempting proposition to a would-be criminal, meaning you could wake up one morning to find your car or belongings gone after a criminal has taken advantage of the weakness in the door. If you’re looking at your current garage door and could see how this could happen to you, get in touch with us at A1 Garage Doors immediately.

So, with it being the gift buying season, why not treat yourself to a brand new garage door and reap the benefits that doing so will bring? For more information on the various garage doors we have available, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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