What Happens to My Automated Garage Doors When There’s a Power Cut?

Power cuts can happen at any time of the day, they can sometimes be very inconvenient and frustrating. There are a lot of appliances in our homes that depend on electricity and are aimed at making our lives easier. In the event of a power cut, a lot of these become partially or fully inoperable. An automated garage door, for instance, can be an issue if a power cut occurs and you need your vehicle. With electricity available, these doors are extremely convenient. The problem, however, comes in when there’s an outage and you need to use your electric garage door. Here’s how to operate your door during power outages:  

Switch your electric garage door to manual operation

Every electric garage door should be able to operate manually for safety reasons. Most of these doors have a red cord, which is there to enable you to switch the motor to manual operation when there’s a power cut and can usually be found close to the door. Once you have found the red cord, pull it down, this will disengage your door from the motor. You may need to use a ladder in order to reach the cord if necessary. If the power-cut occurred when the door was open, make sure no one is anywhere close to the door before you pull the cord to avoid injuries. If the power is likely to be out for a while, have the cord pulled down towards the back, this ensures it isn’t caught in the tracks when the power’s back.

Open your garage door 

Once the red cord is pulled properly, you’ll be able to lift the door up manually using both hands. This should be relatively easy, but if you’re having difficulty check the cord to make sure it’s been pulled all the way and then locked in place. Ideally you should have someone with you to assist with manually opening the door as it will be quite heavy and could possibly cause injuries if you try to open it alone. You’ll also need to be careful that you don’t drop the door, as it will fall and could seriously hurt you. If you need to bring your vehicle in or move it out of your garage, prop the door open using something sturdy. Gently and slowly lower the door when you need to close it.                                                                                              

What to do when the power is back

When the power returns, you’ll need to make sure the garage door is back to how it was before you pulled the cord. Pull the cord towards the door and ensure the bracket slips back into its bracket. You can use your remote to test if it works by trying to open it. If the door isn’t moving but the chain is, pull the cord again ensuring that it gets back to the bracket. 

Preparing for power cuts

Most people wait until a power cut occurs to learn how to operate their electric garage doors manually. This doesn’t have to be the case for you. If you have an automated garage door, ensure you familiarise yourself with your door’s manual controls. You could even practice operating it manually to be confident of what to do in case of an outage.       

If you problems with your garage door after a power cut, we offer a 24-7 emergency call out repair service.                                  

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