5 Types of Electric Garage Doors

Whenever a person is looking to install a new electric garage door, it’s always vital that you make the right choice of electronic garage door for your specific needs. Due to limited materials and technology, there weren’t very many choices of electric garage doors around ten years ago. However, today, electronic automatic garage doors can be found in many homes and businesses. The variations of electric garage doors from which you can pick these doors are numerous and all have their own unique features. It only requires that you know each of the options well in order to make the right pick of a garage door. The following are the main electric garage door types that you can choose from:

Automatic garage door
Tilt garage door

1. Tilt Garage Doors

These doors use a tilting mechanism to open. For the fitting type used, there are two options for tilt garage doors. We have the track or T fittings and Jamb or J fittings. The traditional fitting of tilt doors is the Jamb type. It operates by tilting outward and then lifting up to open one half inside and the other half sits on the outside of the garage opening. For a track type, it can be tilted backwards and upwards so that it recesses into the garage. For the most height of the opening, tilt doors are the best option if you lack enough headroom in the garage.

2. Panel/ Sectional Garage Doors

Usually, the Panel/ Sectional garage doors are divided into no less than 4 panels that are stacked over one another to form the whole door structure. The divisions ensure that the electronic garage door is retracted upwards and not make the garage door move outwards when opening the garage. This is because each panel is hinged together. They also have rollers which are placed into the hinges and then the hinges are guided by tracks for every side panel/sectional. Electric garage doors are very common due to the fact that they’re available in many looks and designs.

Panel electric garage door
Panel electric garage door

3. Rolling/ Roller Garage Doors

These garage doors are operated in an up and down fashion. As it rolls up, the door rolls into a cylindrical shape as it rolls around itself. The only design that these garage doors come in is the steel ribbed profile in general. They’re a great choice of the door for cost-effectiveness of purchasing garage doors.

4. Over and Up Doors

These are the most common electric doors for garages in the United Kingdom. The construction is based on a single panel piece. This feature makes them a very simple option for electric garage doors. The property makes them need minimal effort to control and needs no hassle for operation. Hence, they’re rather easy to work with in terms of operation.

5. Canopy Garage Doors

These are a single panel garage door type which flips open using tracks that are vertical and are located on the side of the frame of the door. A third of the canopy electric garage door is meant to be protruding outside. This protrusion serves to offer a small extra shelter past the garage itself. Typically, these doors are light-weight making it easier to move them up and down along the vertical side track.

Electric garage door with windows
Glass electric garage door


These are the top 5 types of electric garage doors we can install in your garage. Although these doors were originally not electric, modifications, and customizations have been made over time and now are available in electric form as well.

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