Types of garage doors

Garage door


If you’re looking to a new garage door installed, you must first make the decision on which type of door you need. In earlier times, there were very few choices of such doors to pick from due to limited technology and materials used for constructing the garage doors. However, this isn’t the case now. There are a lot of alternative garage door types that one can pick from. All you’ll need is simply knowing each of these options fully to make the right decision. Each of these garage door types has numerous options of colour and design to pick from. Here are the main garage door types today.

1. Manual & Automatic Doors

The first choice to make when looking for a door to your garage is to decide whether you need a manual or an automatic/electric garage door. Originally, there were concerns that the automatic door option posed risks of safety to young children or pets. Today, there are features for safety that have been added to these doors and the risks are no longer a concern. Automatic doors over the years have become increasingly convenient, affordable and easily accessible.

Automatic garage door

2. Sectional / Panel garage doors

Sectional / Panel garage doors are divided into four or more panels that are stacked onto each other to form the whole garage structure. These divisions allow the door to retract in an upward motion to allow the garage to open. They also have rollers and are hinged together for this same reason. Sectional / Panel doors are quite popular because they are available in many looks and designs.

3. Tilt Doors

These are the standard door types for garages. They use a tilting mechanism when they are opened. The fittings used for these doors come in two types. AJ or jamb tilt door is the traditionally acclaimed type. It tilts outward and lifts up, half sitting outside and half inside the garage opening. The second fitting is the Tor track type. With T type of fitting, you tilt the door backwards and upwards in order to recess it into the garage.

4. Rolling/ Roller Doors

The roller garage doors are operated up and down vertically. When being rolled upwards, this door rolls itself around into the shape of a cylinder. Roller/ rolling doors are considered the best for garage doors in terms of cost-effectiveness. They only come in one design of steel ribbed profile.

5. Over and Up Doors

In the UK, these are the most common garage doors. They are constructed from one piece panel which makes them very simple. This property also makes them very easy to use and can provide both minimal-effort and nill hassle operation.

Garage door

6. Round the Corner Doors

This is one of the earliest varieties of garage door types on the market. They’re often made from timber. Here panels are inserted on hanging rollers and then guided to follow the needed path through channels that are in the tracks in the floor.


These are the major garage door types that you can consider when looking to replace or install your garage door. Each of these types also comes in subtypes that you can choose from. So, depending on your specific unique needs, you can now make an informed choice.