Tips for a Cleaner, More Organised Garage

organising garage space

Do you find you are forever putting off cleaning and organising your garage, you may not have realised just how easy it is with a little bit of planning. In the following post, we will discuss some great tips to get your garage looking and feeling like a brand new space.

Where Should You Begin?

It doesn’t matter how or why your garage came to be such a mess, the important thing is that you can fix it. You need to start first by looking through all of the stuff you have in your garage, sorting it out into the things you want to keep, the things you want to throw and the things you want to donate/sell.

Although that process sounds like it may take a long time – it doesn’t have to. Set aside a weekend to spend doing it and take any of the items you want to donate, down to your local charity or donation center at the end of the day. You can then take pics of the stuff you want to sell and put them on eBay or Craigslist.

Cleaning Your Garage’s Floor

Although it is uncommon to find a completely clean garage floor, it is possible to get it to a decent standard. The important thing is to take the time to do it properly. There are plenty of tutorials online about getting rid of various common stains such as rust, paint and oil.

Improve The Lighting

If you have not done much in the way of work on your garage since you moved into your property and it has the same fittings and fixtures it did when you bought it, it may need a little TLC to make it more user-friendly. After all, garages are hardly known as the brightest places.

You can easily improve the lighting situation in your garage though by investing in some new LED lights and follow various recommended garage lighting techniques and ideas. Not only are these brighter and come in a wide variety of different brightness levels and colour temperatures, but they are also incredibly energy-efficient.

Use task lighting such as under cabinet lighting for areas where you are likely to work on crafting, DIY or anything else and use accent lights to illuminate those dark corners. You’d be amazed at how easy it is to transform your garage with just a few extra lights here and there.

Clean While Your Garage Is Empty

When you clear out your unwanted items and sort the things you want to keep and your garage is like an empty shell – this is the best time to give it a good clean from top to bottom. A clean garage is one that you are going to be more motivated to keep neat and tidy.

Invest in Appropriate Storage

When choosing the best storage for your garage, think about the things you currently want to store and keep there. Furthermore though, you also need to consider what you foresee yourself storing and keeping in your garage in the future. Choose wall mounted units and shelves, or full tool cabinet units to ensure you have as much floor space as you possible can. This will stop your garage feeling too cramped.

Stack-able storage containers are another great choice for the garage, as they do not take up as much space and still enable you to keep everything in a neat and tidy way.

Install A New Garage Door

Garage doors are often left fitted until they break and must be replaced, which isn’t ideal. Garage doors provide the majority of the security to your garage so it’s vital they’re sturdy and built to withstand a potential break in, not only that but they can also provide a lot of the aesthetic appeal to the front of your house.

If you store anything of any value in your garage, be sure to check for any weak points in your garage door if you feel it’s not up to standard, have your garage door repaired or better yet, install a new garage door.

Painting Can Make It Feel Brand New

If you feel depressed and disheartened whenever you enter your garage, even if it is just to get the lawnmower out or something similar; you’d be amazed at how effective giving it a fresh coat of paint can be. That’s right, repainting the walls, ceiling and even the door leading into your home, if it is connected, can make your garage look much better.

Consider Decorating It Like Any Other Room In Your Home

To improve how your garage looks and feels, you could go one step further from the tip above and decorate it a little. While taking ventilation and other things like the elements and lack of insulation into consideration; you can build pride in your garage by decorating it like other parts of your home. Add some personal touches like artwork, furniture and other items that will make you want to spend more time in it and look after it better.

Hopefully we have shown that it doesn’t need to be the nightmare you imagined, when you first decided to clear out your garage and organise it. By following just some or all of the above tips, you can have a garage you will be proud of.