How to secure a garage door

Garage door

There are many roles that a garage door plays in a home. The two major ones of the many are security and aesthetics. However, between the two, the most vital is the level of security. Unfortunately, many people haven’t taken security as important as they should.

Whether we’re sleeping at night or leaving for a vacation, it’s important to ensure that our garage doors are able to offer the needed level of security. This is why we need to find ways to secure the garage door from potential break-ins and other forms of intrusions so that your top of the line car and other valuables are kept safe.

The following are the top ways to help you secure the door to your garage:

1. Install a security system

Burglars have become so much sophisticated and they’ve become smarter too. However, so have the home security systems too. Unfortunately, so many of us never care to have some form of security for the garage doors. You need to have security systems installed to make them more secure. There are so many possibilities for these systems today that you can even know the status of your door when you’ve gone for a vacation or when at work.

2. Make use of motion detector lights

Motion detector lights installed on the outside of the garage door can startle a burglar and make it harder for them to break in without detection. However, the inside motion detector lights should also be installed as they offer security to your family and yourself from inside the garage.


3. Install a Door Timer

A door timer ensures that the garage door is always closed and is secure even when we’ve forgone to do it ourselves. For a set period of time, the timer is able to close the garage door if it’s left open. Therefore, in case you forget to close it yourself, there won’t be a concern that it will remain that way the whole time you’re away.

4. When away, ensure you lock the manual lock

The manual door lock should not be used all the time to lock the door if the door is also automated. However, when you’ll be away for long periods of time, it’s good to ensure you lock the door manually.

secure garage doors

5. Keep the Door Well Maintained

If your door is poorly maintained, it will be easy to breach. For maximum security, your garage door requires proper maintenance. Properly maintained doors can also have new and the latest securities installed on them making them more secure.

6. Choose a door made from high-quality materials

Garage doors made from low-quality materials are easy to break into than those made from strong and durable materials. Make sure that the kind of door you choose is made from materials that are durable and strong.

7. Secure the emergency release

The lift motor of the garage door often comes with the emergency release feature that’s very important. It’s useful whenever you’ve lost power and you need to lift your garage door manually. However, it may become a vulnerability. To, eliminate this possibility, you should ensure that it’s properly secured.

9. Install a lift mechanism that’s modern

Early remote controlled-lift systems had serious flaws in terms of security provision. It’s therefore advisable to get the modern lift mechanism with rolling code technology to address this problem.

These ways can really boost the level of security for the garage doors. If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to implement these solutions if you want to have more security at your home.