Find an Alternative to Up and Over Garage Doors

‘Up and Over’ garage doors are a choice that is mostly resigned to the past as they tend to be cumbersome, unpractical and hard to use. Now there are many modern alternatives that are more reliable, durable, allow for easier day-to-day use and are all supplied and installed by us here at A1 Garage Doors – just take our roller garage doors Watford as an example.

Up and over garage doors will firstly require a lot of space to be installed for their overhead sliding motion, and will then create further problems each time you leave or enter the garage in your car. If you currently own this style of garage door and are looking for a replacement, you will surely be accustomed to these problems, which include having to haul open the door yourself each morning, driving out of the garage and then pushing it shut again, to having to park a sizeable distance away from your garage on your driveway to allow for its opening mechanism.

This lack of practicality also brings with it a lack of security, so finding an alternative is essential to your happiness as a driver and the safety of your home. Our range of modern garage doors provide this alternative as our roller garage doors provide the height of home or workplace security, enhanced aesthetics and much, much easier usage. This is down to these shutters taking up little overhead space and rolling vertically upwards, meaning that you can even park a second car directly outside your garage and still open the door.

With a range of automatic operation choices, our roller garage doors Watford become an even more appealing alternative, which is furthered by their notoriously high security that will deter even the most persistent intruders. Experienced in all garage doors and supplying others such as sectional and timber garage doors, we can advise on which style of door would best suit your requirements, so simply call us today on 01923 428484 and find out more.