The Benefits of Electric Garage Doors in Watford

If you’ve ever struggled with an awkward garage door, you will know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to get it open. At A1 Garage Doors, we specialise in installation of electric garage doors Watford that can make you life a hell of a lot easier! So, what exactly are the benefits of automated garage door systems?

Access Your Garage No Matter How Little Room you Have

If you only have a small driveway or often have a large vehicle parked in front of your garage door, you may find that you have to move your car every time you want to access your garage. This is a lot of effort just to find that hammer or wrench! With an electric garage door system, you eliminate this problem altogether, allowing you to access your garage quickly and without hassle.

Ideal for People with Back Injuries

If you have a bad back or you’re simply unable to open a heavy garage door, one of the electric garage doors we offer here at A1 Garage Doors is the ideal solution. Though modern manual garage doors aren’t necessarily difficult to open for an able-bodied adult, if you can’t because of your age, disability or injury then just trying to raise them at all will be painful or impossible.

Stay Dry!

If you’re sick of getting soaked while struggling with a slippy manual garage door every time you get home in the rain, then our automated doors are perfect for you. Get in touch with us and you will soon be enjoying the luxury of garage entry at the touch of a button!

To remove the effort that comes with manual garage doors, get in touch with our expert team. To find out more about our electric garage doors Watford installation and maintenance service we provide here at A1 Garage Doors, call us on the number local to you or alternatively send us your message via our online contact form.