Why Upgrade to Automated Garage Doors Milton Keynes

Manual garage doors have been popular with homeowners for decades, thanks to their durability and simple yet effective design. However, due to the advancements in technology and the availability of new equipment and techniques which are now available to us, automated garage doors are becoming an increasingly more desirable alternative. Upgrading to automated doors can have a number of helpful and convenient benefits to homeowner, and here at A1 Garage Doors, we are able to bring the best in automated garage doors Milton Keynes to your home.

To understand why upgrading to automated garage doors is so beneficial, let’s first take a look at the advantages which the installation can have.


The biggest pro is the level of ease which these doors provide. Whereas you may have previously struggled to open a garage door whilst carrying a large or heavy load, automated doors will allow you the ability to easily open the doors with a just a touch of a button.


Imagine pulling up to your garage in the cold and the wet, to be faced with the task of opening the garage doors in the cold rain and unwelcoming weather. With automation, you’ll be able to open the garage doors without having to leave your vehicle, meaning that you’ll be able to remain warm within the comfort of your car, yet still remain able to access your garage.

Simple Installation

The automation equipment can be easily fitted to your existing or new garage doors. This means, that you may be able to gain the advantages of automation, without having to invest in a new set of garage doors. Professionally installed, the mechanism works almost silently to provide you with a smooth open and closing action.

As demonstrated by the above points, automated garage doors can have a number of useful characteristics over their manual counterparts. If you feel like your household could benefit from the installation of automated garage doors Milton Keynes, get in touch with one of our friendly representatives today to begin enjoying this fantastic garage solution.