The Safety a Garage should Provide

One of the main reasons to have a garage built is to provide you prized car with the utmost safety, instead of leaving it out on the drive for all to see and for any thief to try their luck with, however when installing some manual doors that are on the market, you may be defying the object, as they are easier to force open due to already having a handle attached to them and no electronic mechanism stopping them from being forced open. When an electric garage door is shut, it stays shut – keeping your car safe inside.

It doesn’t end their either, as while these are more unlikely situations, there has been stories of opportunists pouncing on the time between a car owner leaving the wheel to open the garage door manually and returning back. With electronic automation implemented on to your garage – no matter if it is made from roller shutter doors or timber, you will be kept safe in the driver’s seat and ready to roll straight in to your garage.

With the ability to open manually from the inside in the event of a power cut, you are never in a worse position, but always a better and much safer one, so contact us today to find out more about our electric garage doors.