How Do Up and Over Garage Doors Work?

Up and over garage door

No garage is complete without a garage door. These doors don’t only give your garage a touch of beauty, but they provide your house with maximum safety and security as well. A good garage door can ensure years of reliable, trouble-free service for your home, so it’s always important to be able to know how to choose one.

The most common choices for people looking for good garage doors are either up and over or automated garage doors. People who want to save up on garage space usually choose up and over doors because they take up minimal space. This is because an up and over garage door lays flat against your garage ceiling when it isn’t in use and takes up minimal effort to open and close.

Up and over garage door

An up and over garage door can also be electronically controlled to open and close at the slightest touch. All you really need to do to open it is give it a gentle push upwards until the door sits flat against your roof. To close it, simply give it a gentle pull and the door immediately goes down.

There are two types of up and over garage doors—you could either choose from having a canopy or a retractable geared door. A canopy geared door offers the advantage of being able to open the door by unlocking and lifting it up. By doing so, the door rolls up vertically and turns until it’s horizontal, leaving a door panel or ‘canopy’ that protrudes a third of its size. A great thing about this type of garage door is that it consumes very minimal space—after all, there aren’t any tracks that run back to the garage whenever the door is closed.

Rectangular geared doors, on the other hand, work almost exactly like a canopy door. The only difference between the two is that a rectangular geared up and over door is specially designed to work with an electrical operator. Moreover, a rectangular geared door doesn’t have a canopy, which gives it a cleaner, more defined appearance.

While up and over garage doors can technically be considered automated doors, there are many more varieties of automated garage doors available in the market. Aside from up and over garage doors, other automated doors could either be retractable, side hinge or roller doors. Retractable doors work by having a large part of your door swing outwards as it opens. Because pivot points are usually installed at the top portion of the door, parking inside your garage can get a bit challenging. You won’t be able to park too close to the door, not unless you want your car to get scratched.

Up and over garage door

Side hinge and roller doors both open outwards, which makes them inappropriate for small lots. You won’t be able to park in your driveway, because the door might end up hitting your car if you do. These doors take up more space, so if you have a short driveway, might as well get yourself an up and over door.