Different Types of Garage Door Repairs Watford

Here at A1 Garage Doors, we’re not only specialists in providing the whole area with the highest quality garage doors, but also have a team of experts who can repair your garage door no matter what the problem. If you’re suffering a fault that is causing your garage door not to close properly, or an aesthetic one like rotting wood, get in touch with us for our garage door repairs Watford.

Depending on the type of garage door you own and what the problem is, the type of repair required will obviously differ, and as a Trading Standards Approved Garage Door company, we pride ourselves on being able to deal with any fault to leave you with a fully functional and attractive garage door. Read on to find out about just some of the garage doors we can provide:

24/7 Emergency Call Out

Just like when your heating, oven or an electrical appliance suffers a fault, your garage door will break down at an unexpected moment which you won’t have accounted for. If this is in the morning before leaving for work or at night when you have just returned home and your garage door won’t close properly, this becomes an emergency as an open garage door presents an inviting opportunity to your property and whatever is inside.

With our 24/7 emergency call out, you can speak to a qualified engineer right away, discuss your problem and then have them dispatched to your property (usually within just 2 hours of your call).

Complete Re-Installations

At some point in the life of your garage door, there will come a time when it is beyond repair for one reason or another, and if this is the case, we can replace it with a brand new garage door that brings to you all the modern advantages and enhances your home in every way – covering many different styles and colour choices.

If the problem is an aesthetic one and is less urgent, we can also help you bring your garage door back to its best, so for all garage door repairs Watford and new installations, call 01923 428484.