Benefits of Electric Garage Doors Milton Keynes

With many households owning at least one car, the storage space provided by a garage is often a welcome addition. Suitable for keeping your car safely stored away in addition to providing extra floor space for belongings that won’t fit in the home, it is vitally important that you keep your garage secure at all times. The easiest way to achieve this is through the installation of quality garage doors and to offer complete ease of use, here at A1 Garage Doors we can fit your garage with electric garage doors Milton Keynes.

There are a number of benefits to introducing this form of garage door including;


The last thing you want when the rain is pouring down is to have to get out of your car in order to open the doors to your garage. Installing automatic garage doors removes this inconvenience as by simply using the control pad kept in your car, you can open the garage doors whilst on your driveway to avoid getting wet.

Easy Fitting

Automation can be fitted to almost any garage door and as members of the Federation of Small Businesses you can rest assured that our team at A1 Garage Doors will complete all work to the highest standard. As long as your current doors are in good condition we can fit an electric mechanism to make life easier.


Security is a key feature of any garage and you are assured of superior levels of protection with electric garage doors. Even in the case of a power cut, your electric garage door will still remain as strong and sturdy as it was previously.

You will also continue to have full use as all doors are fitted with a cord to pull open if you have access through a rear or side door or if this is not the case, a key switch will be fitted to enable you to open the doors with the key.

With so many benefits, the installation of electric garage doors Milton Keynes is likely to be advantageous to a number of households. To discuss your options further, feel free to get in touch with the friendly team here at A1 Garage Doors.